Islington Authority

Infographics for local Sustainable Energy Partnership

Islington Sustainable Economic Partnership, part of the local authority, helps businesses to measure and make progress on sustainability. They needed to create a look-and-feel for the organisation and to help member visualise complex information on climate change.

Services: Print design, Infographic design, illustration


We created a set of infographics to communicate action on sustainability. To help people identify the particular area, the bespoke Islington ‘street’ has buildings from the local area including the Emirates Stadium, Business Design Centre and Archway Tower. We produced a number of their materials, including their Annual Reports and marketing leaflets.

“When we wanted to celebrate our success at meeting our carbon targets 3 years early, It’s Like This came up with a solution that was humorous yet compelling, everyone seeing the report loves it.”

Helen Heathfield Sustainable Energy Partnership Manager